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Here’s how I helped clients INSTANTLY RELIEVE LOW BACK PAIN without pain medications.


Shoulder pain and arm raise improved in 12 minutes

Here’s how I helped clients INSTANTLY RELIEVE LOW BACK PAIN without pain medications.

Are you suffering from persistent or recurrent low back pain?

Would it be a surprise for you to learn that moving other parts of your body far away from the site of pain can instantly relieve your pain?

Would you believe if I told you that with this method, I’ve helped several hundred people relieve their pain and regain full range of motion within 20-30 minutes?

(No need for pain killers, chiropractic adjustments or lengthy therapy sessions)

Skeptical? Totally understandable!

But stick with me while I show you how this works:

I did this using an absolutely counterintuitive method that I’ll explain to you shortly.

This method is safe and effective, and reduces pain from a level of 10/10 to about 2/10 while increasing range of motion within minutes application.

Breaking the pain loop means more and better movement, improved function and no need to take pain medications.

And the best part….you’ll learn how to keep the pain away;….. you can go back to your favourite physical activities and spending quality time with your loved ones without being in pain.

Combining this pain relief approach with corrective exercise, people with low back pain (with or without sciatica-like symptoms) typically recover within 6 – 8 weeks.

I’ll repeat a sequence of TESTING (the bad side), MOVING (the good side) and RE-TESTING (the bad side) until the pain and/or restriction is gone.

The principle behind this is simple, loosen restriction in distant body parts to reduce pain and improve function in other remote parts….

….and you can get results just like these clients

I can easily fill this page with hundreds of testimonials from clients for whom this method worked.

The message here is ..IT WORKS VERY WELL!

Book an appointment to get a FREE Initial Evaluation (typically worth €50)….

Why Am I Making This Offer?

You’re still in pain, taking medications, waking up at night due to pain and even considering surgery (if that’s an option).

You’ve probably been searching for a solution and already feel stuck in a loop after visiting numerous healthcare providers.

You’ve probably had many exams – MRI, CTs, X-rays; seen many doctors and tried various treatments – injections, osteopathy, chiropractic readjustments, acupuncture, massage, orthopaedic rehabilitation centres, with sophisticated equipment, but with LITTLE TO NO RELIEF!

I figured it’d be easier to show the possibilities you have with your own body because “seeing (in this case “experiencing”) is believing!”