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Reduce your pain by at least 70% and improve your range of motion.

We focus so much on the part of the body that hurts that we tend to forget the other parts that do not hurt. But there is a simple trick – listen to your body, understand which movements it likes, use them to relive your pain.

In this remote session, I will demonstrate how specific simple movements of the body parts that do not hurt can relieve your pain and improvement your range of motion.

Session Duration – 30-45 minutes

Rate– €29 per session

You will receive the link to the video consultation via e-mail. Please enter a valid e-mail when booking your session.


What you’ll need

  • A device with camera e.g. mobile, computer
  • A chair and a yoga mat
  • Comfortable clothing that allows for full range of motion
  • At least 30 minutes of your time

Do you what your body likes to relieve your pain.

How it works


We’ll check

  • your pain level
  • what you CAN and CANNOT DO e.g. raising your arm, bending over, raising your leg etc.


you’ll do

  • more of what you CAN DO
  • even more repetitions


After certain numbers of sets we’ll

  • re-check your pain level
  • re-check those things you COULDN’T DO in the beginning

We’ll keep repeating this until we achieve the desired result!

NOTE: Make sure to have seen your doctor or an orthopaedic expert who has previously recommended physical therapy.